Old Fashioned Values in a New Age World

Happy New Year all! I will start off by saying that I am not a social media wizard nor do I really care much about it. I am a very private person and the appeal to show off my life on a daily basis just isn't there for me. While this works for many, it's just not my thing.

Even though I am young, I have old fashioned values. One thing that has proved difficult for me is dating.

I was on a date with a guy, and the first thing he said was "I have like 10k followers," with an arrogant grin.

I was on a date with a guy, and the first thing he said was "I have like 10k followers," with an arrogant grin. Unimpressed, I politely asked, "Can you change a tire?" He replied, "AAA can." I laughed. He's not wrong, right? I mean that's fine until you're deep in the woods in a country town that doesn't have AAA. Then you might get Rusty and his crew, which is a hunting dog and a handy raccoon.

Another example, I just want a relationship with one guy and myself, but many guys today want it to be a group effort. He's like "C'mon ladies lets do this!" In my opinion, a relationship is hard enough with just two people in it.

My ex actually fixed his lips to say to me "You can't fulfill ALL my needs." Do people even know when their life is in danger? I'm kidding.... sort of. Am I just old fashioned? People also ask me why my kids are not allowed to be around a lot of other children. My response is usually, "because my kids are good. Have you seen your kids?" I remember years ago, before my son went to school, he was like a little angel. And then kindergarten changed him forever. He's still an amazing kid, but he's just... different.

During a more recent outing, I took my daughter to a playdate, and I actually witnessed a child throw something at her mom, and then later she HIT her mom! Completely baffled, I just watched thinking "ooooooo she bout to get knocked out!" But her mom just said "stop it." My daughter and I were dumbfounded, watching in awe. After things became a bit awkward, we left. We decided to go to a store on the way home. As we were leaving the self check-out, I reached out for my daughter's hand, and previously she has always just grabbed my hand. But not that day, THAT day she said "NO!" It was the first time she had EVER said no to me. The dramatic heart flutters I felt explained my facial disposition. The shockwave was intense! I guess my daughter simply wanted to try out her newfound disrespectful skills in public just to be safe. So, I simply kneeled down on one knee, and looked her directly in her eyes, and said, "Sweetie, I know you see people yell at and disrespect their parents everywhere we go, but your mama will hurt you." All eyes were on us at the self check-out. At that moment, my daughter decided to grab my hand. Smart girl.

People always compliment me on how well behaved my kids are, but it's because I train them to be respectful, because that is simply how children should act. Now don't get me wrong, I am not super strict on other things, but I demand respect. Period. Do these things make me old fashioned? OR do these things simply indicate that I am an individual who simply values respect, monogamy, and other values that have been forgotten? I am not one to try convince anyone else to live like me. You are free to live however you choose, but I choose to live with the values I was taught long ago, even in 2021. #relationshipgoals











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