New Life Resolution

As we are getting ready to end one year and begin another, what is your new life resolution? I ask this instead of "what is your new year's resolution," because how often do we begin a new year with goals and not follow up with those goals? I am guilty of this. The new year for me normally feels like a new semester at school. At this moment, you have an A average, and unless you mess it up, it will stay an A average. However, with this year, let's do something different. Instead of saying "this year I will," let's make a commitment to instead make a lasting life change. This may look like a new career for some, or a new marriage, or a new relationship, or a renewed ability to just be alone for a while.

How often do we begin a new year with goals, and not follow up with those goals?

We sometimes have to take a journey alone to truly realize how amazing we are or how resourceful we are. It is also possible to be in a relationship and still feel alone. I know this all too well. I want you to truly take a look at your life as I will do, and determine what changes are needed. Then make the decision today that my LIFE will be different, and because my life will be different, my year has no choice but to be. So again, I ask, what is your new life resolution? Leave comments and we can work together! As always, I wish you nothing but health, love, and happiness.









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