Facing Reality

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Today's topic is facing reality. This is a topic that I find is extremely important to life, and for some may even preserve life. What is reality? I looked it up on Google, and the reality is that you can literally find anything on Google. Lol. Ok, now for the definition.

"reality: the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them."

I really love this definition, because in essence it means reality is truth. It is what it is. Sometimes the truth aka reality is extremely difficult to accept. No one wants to believe that the person they love or care about is never going to change. No one wants to believe they are tone deaf and actually can't sing. No one want's to believe they are not great at a sport or activity. However, it is very important to face reality. If you are showing love to someone, and they never return that love, the reality is you are wasting your time. If someone keeps smiling in your face, but continues to betray you, the reality is they don't like you. If every time you sing, the microphone suddenly doesn't work anymore, there is a deeper issue than the sound system. If you are not good at something, it just saves time to face reality of that fact and find your actual talent.

Everyone has a talent, but many waste time attempting someone else's.

I had a friend once who told me he was an amazing Frisbee player. He said that he was "an ultimate Frisbee champion." I said, "wow, that's amazing! I used to play as a kid, but never played in any championship matches." He said "we should play a game and maybe I can teach you some things." He was in excellent shape, and I was open to learning, so we went to a nearby field to play. He said he would start off the game to set the bar of expectations. Friends, this man slowly pulled back his arm, and with great force, he flung the frisbee forward like a dart. It flew fast...far away from me, in a vertical position, until it hit a tree. Anyone who has ever played frisbee knows that the frisbee is supposed to fly flat, horizontally, in the direction of the opposite player. I just stood there staring as the frisbee lay at the foot of the very far away tree wondering, "what the hell was that?!" I thought maybe he just needed to warm up, and since the Frisbee was nowhere near me at all, he ran to get it and threw it again. This throw was very similar to the last throw. The frisbee flew fast, far away from me, vertically. This time I ran to get it, and said, "uh I'll just throw it to you." He returned to his position, and then I prepared to throw the frisbee. I had not played in years, but since it was a favorite childhood sport, I had not forgotten anything. I simply took the Frisbee in my hand and let it glide along in the air, horizontally. It was smooth, straight, and absolute perfection, and my friend caught the frisbee. He said "wow, how did you do that?" I said, "Oh nothing major, I just let it fly horizontally."

Our game was pretty cringe from that point forward, because he was doled out beautiful throws with the frisbee meeting him at his location, and I was doled out vertically thrown conundrums that were sporadically thrown in every direction but mine. After several minutes of running all over the field without catching any of this throws, that one would need the speed of Usain Bolt to catch, he yelled across the field, "I'm winning, because you are not catching any. " Out of breath, I walked to the other side of the field to pick up the Frisbee and walked over to him said breathlessly, "The frisbee is supposed to go in the opposite player's direction, horizontally, and you keep throwing it like a dart. It's not a dart, so in this case if you're winning, it's because your aim and technique are both horrible." You see, this was the reality check he needed. A real friend will always be honest with you, because I would rather deliver horrible news in a nice way than let you embarrass yourself in front of the rest of the world.

I encourage everyone today to face whatever your reality is. If you have been trying something for years that isn't working it could be a business or anything really. If you have given it your best shot and it still isn't working, it might be time to try something else. If you are facing a situation where someone is the love of your life, but you are not the love of their life, you have to face reality and let go. And finally, don't waste time attempting someone else's talent. Find yours. Never be afraid to face reality, it will save you so much time.

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