Good afternoon everyone! I spent a large part of my day distracted by a variety of things. My mind easily runs over a hundred miles an hour on a daily basis. I have more ideas than I have time. Most of my ideas are crazy, off the wall, and very original, but unfortunately, I am easily distracted unless I am "in the zone." When I'm in the zone, everyone knows it is not the time to bother me, because it means I am about to accomplish an insane amount of work in a short amount of time and no distractions will be entertained.

If you are anything like me, distractions can take up a huge amount of time. They can come in the form of YouTube, Facebook, IG, Twitter, TikTok, etc. When I first started watching TikTok videos, I spent hours staring at my screen, and accomplished absolutely nothing. I mean I laughed hard, so technically you could say I was doing ab work. However, if we want to be successful in life or just successful today, we must manage distractions.

Personally, I manage distractions by allotting a certain amount of time in the morning for workouts, taking my vitamins, and making healthy choices. I have found that if I make healthy choices first thing in the morning, I am less likely to want to "mess that up" during the day. During that time, I am not on social media. I get up at 5 am and refrain from all social media activity before 9 am, because if I start looking at social media in the mornings, I am NOT going to be productive during the day without making a conscious effort to do so. I use an app to manage my daily tasks to ensure I am accountable for the things I need to accomplish during the day. And then once I have accomplished the bulk of my tasks, then and only then will I open up my social media apps.

Is there a such thing as a healthy distraction? I also believe there are things that are healthy distractions. If you are trying to master a craft such as photography or an application such as Photoshop, I do believe it is healthy to immerse yourself in learning those things. However, healthy distractions should also monitored as well, because everything you do, should be done in moderation. If you are so immersed in learning that you forget to feed your kids or animals, well, you already know. Dial that healthy distraction back a little bit and give yourself an allotted time for learning or set alarms to ensure that you stay on track during the day.

Writing your goals down at the beginning of the day for the day is a great way to ensure they actually get done. I have found that when I write things down vs just trying to remember things, I am much more likely to accomplish the goals I have written. Again, distractions even the healthy ones must be managed for a successful day and life. That is my topic for the day and I hope that it is helpful for you in some way. Everything I write about here is something that I struggle with, and when I find a way to manage it, I share it. Comment down below with your distractions! Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a day full of abundance, love, happiness, and peace.

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