StoryTime-Common Sense

Good morning y'all. I wanted to talk about something today that is weighing heavy on my heart. I wasn't even going to post this, but it affected me so heavily, that I just need to do it.

Yesterday I asked my son to take out the trash. Now I had previously told my son not to go into the closet and get clean clothes to put on to take out the trash and then put those clean clothes in the dirty hamper, because it was a waste and it required me to do more laundry. It's also why if my kids don't want to wear clothes, I usually don't care, because it means less laundry for me to do. Now back to the incident. I asked my son to take out the trash. He got up and disappeared for a while and then I saw him walking toward the kitchen.

I was headed into the kitchen as well to check on my food, and almost passed out when I got near my son.

I was headed into the kitchen as well to check on my food, and almost passed out when I got near my son. I said "JR, what in the world is that smell?!" And he just shrugged his shoulders. Y'all the unknown rank smell must have traveled to my brain, because I could barely see or form words. I said "Boy, did you put on dirty clothes to take out that trash?" And he said, "yes, you said not to use clean clothes." And then I said "Do them clothes stank?" Every once in a while when I'm so heavily shocked, my grammar reverts back to its original state. He said "yeah." And I asked "Is THAT the smell I'm smelling?" And he said "yes, but you told me not to.." And I stopped him right there mid sentence. And I said "BOY, don't you EVER in your LIFE put on clothes that smell like SWEATY TALE NO MATTER WHAT!" I told him to immediately sit the trash bag down and go shower. Those clothes smelled like straight sweaty butt hole. The trash bag was scented and smelled like dandelions and rainbows compared to those clothes. After he had showered, I told him to sit down for a minute. And I explained that when I say don't use clean clothes I mean in MOST cases, but common sense is something that is supposed to kick in when there are grey areas. For example, I would rather you use clean clothes to take out the trash rather than put on clothes that smell like a thousand sweaty butts combined. That is where COMMON SENSE is supposed to kick in! I say common sense, but these days sense is not common. It used to be factory installed, but now it's an upgrade. My son is a straight A student. He was just moved up to an advanced math in school, but I seriously need him to understand simple common sense things like refrain from wearing clothes that STANK. If you are going through similar things, just comment below or send a message. We need to encourage each other. I posted this today, because I want to somehow bring back common sense. If you know of a way to do it, let me know!







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