Welcome to the first post of I decided to start this page as a continuation of a previous blog page, because I have grown significantly since the last time I blogged.

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Hidden Gems

For years, I have created poetry, songs, music, and other art and simply sent it to myself in an email, where it sat for years unread and untouched. Recently, due to various life events, and Google telling me my inbox was full, I began revisiting my email and cleaning it out. What I found was absolutely astounding. It was a series of poems that chronicled my life and what I've been going through for the past 15 years. Yes, ladies and gentleman, there were 15 years of experiences safely tucked away in my inbox. So what did I do? I created a website just to share all of these works as well as new ones. That is the purpose of, to share my life experiences through blogs and poetry. And I truly hope that something that I have gone through or experienced will touch at least one individual and maybe even provide some direction or comfort.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, there were 15 years of experiences safely tucked away in my inbox.

As I release my art to the world from my own little creative corner, I encourage you to do the same. Go back and dust off those boxes in the attic or basement, or revisit your inbox, and see the creativity you bring to the world, and do as I am, and share it. Cheers to a fun journey! And I wish you nothing but love, peace, and happiness.





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Hi, I'm CiCi, the creator of I write poetry, songs, books, and even make beats. Creativity is an important part of my life, but the most beautiful part about my life is simplicity. I practice values that many seem to have forgotten. Simple kindness can go a very long way. Keep coming back for more creative content! Or complete the form below to let the posts come to you!

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